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Welcome to the Standard Guitars

Custom Shop…

Create the Guitar of your Dreams!

A new level in craftsmanship true to the original standards, with improved functionality and affordbility!

It’s time, but be warned… this is not for everybody! Standard Guitars it’s conceived to satisfy the demands of those who truly and faithfully appreciate vintage instruments in all their aspects. From the little nuances and imperfections that define their character to the brilliant tone and craftsmanship that brings them all to life.

If you’re looking for some cheapo instrument, the “smoke and mirrors” of guitars then, please, don’t waste your time here. But if you’re into vintage instruments, appreciate hand-made guitars and amplifiers and would love to get your hands on such an experience without raiding your bank, then, you’re where you belong! Let’s begin!

Step 2: Pickups & Others…

Have your choice of pickups, wiring and other specifications. We can also place your name or signature right on the headstock of your instrument, along with our brand, at no cost. On select models you can select neck radius, fret size and more, Contact Us to learn more!

We only offer the best, period correct guitar bridges for each model. Note that not all bridges are available with all guitar models. Feel free to Contact Us for more details…


Some extra charges may apply to your bridge selection…

Ashtray, three bronze barrel saddles.

Modern, ashtray with six saddles.

Modern T bridge with adjustable saddles .

Floating vintage style S type bridge.

Hardtail S type bridge.

Bigsby® Vibrato.

with tremolo capabilities…

All wiring schemes include vintage wrapped capacitors, cloth covered wire and mechanical, vintage style switches at no extra cost. All output jacks are Switchcraft® brand.


Original vintage, 3-Way.


Classic vintage, 3-Way.


Original vintage, 3-Way.


Classic vintage, 5-Way.

This is, until recently, the standard diagram used for S type guitars.

The more modern scheme for Varsities and Poindexters. Volume and Tone controls and 3 positions.

The very first wiring scheme. Offers the infamous “deep rhythm” setting. Varsity and Poindexter only…

Jackalope only! This is the classic scheme used in most S type guitars and includes humbucking capabilities.

Your name and it’s free!…

You can now have your own “signature” guitar with your name right on the headstock! Out of the box, no need for a refinish or any complicated processes… and it’s free to do so!

Your name, signature or professional logo… your choice…


You can select the pickups of your choice, from Seymour Duncan to Fralins, Golden Age and others… It’s your call. Please make sure you specify brand and model when you’re ready to contact us regarding your new instrument.

Choose your relic level...

Your guitar comes with a very light relic right out of the box… However, you can increase the relic level in increments to emulate a well gigged guitar. We offer the mild relic (standard with every instrument), a medium relic and, of course, a heavy relic level that resembles a “beat up”, gigged but loved guitar.


The relic is achieved using a proprietary process that employs aniline dyes, natural tints and oils and nitrocellulose lacquer. You can increase your relic level at no extra cost.

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