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A New Standard of Excellence in Custom Guitars and Amps

Music is personal, it doesn’t influence everybody in the same way. You, as an artist, know that your own music is unique, personal. Why play everybody else’s instrument? You know you also love those American vintage guitars…

You want your own, perfect instrument made right, one that feels right and, most importantly, one that feels yours and personal and as unique as your music. Your instrument should be a part of you, as unique as you are, not just another production model… Unfortunately, off the shelf products are not what they used to be and custom made instruments can be extraordinary expensive, and the whole experience very intimidating. You have questions, we got answers!

• • •

Straight out of historic Route 66, we’re here to finally offer you the alternative you’ve been looking for. No more choosing between affordability and quality, between this or that… With us you get the whole deal, and that’s a promise!

We make guitars by hand at our own shop, and we do it the old school way. We also offer you the entire custom shop experience with the modern convenience of the internet. But we don’t charge you and arm and a leg, why should we? Guitars done right for a fair price, what so complicated about that? …And we offer automatic financing with no interests! 

See for yourself the Standard Difference…

Crafted by hand in the United States using nothing but the best woods, hardware and electronics!

Every Standard Guitar begins with quality, hand selected woods, aged and dried to about 8% to produce a resonant, vibrant instrument with lots of sustain and authentic vintage tone, the core of a true custom vintage guitar.

The instruments are hand sanded, grain filled using period-correct products and stained using only U.S. made aniline dies and nitrocellulose lacquer. Instruments are relic’d, if desired, to the customer’s specifications.

Your Standard Guitar will be able to resonate freely and will age gracefully just like the instruments of old. 

No polyurethane, no CNC machines, no automated sanding, no mass production. If vintage is what you’re looking for, then, you’ve found where vintage lives. Ohhhh yeah!

The best in tone woods and authentic, old-school production techniques make the best custom guitar possible. 

Not just the Vintage Look…

the finest tone woods for your vintage replica
vintage guitar hardware

The very best names in hardware, electronics and pickups, right from the start!

Bigsby® is a registered mark.

Just the Best Hardware… Period!

You know the drill… That affordable guitar that you just bought needs a new nut and new pots, new tuners and, of course, new pickups and a wiring harness! The result? You end up paying, at least, twice as much and you still don’t get the wood or the finish you wanted to begin with!

Standard Guitars come complete with the best of the best in hardware and electronics. Every guitar is wired with CTS pots and “in-house” made Vintage Wrapped capacitors and cloth covered wire. We wire your choice of pickups, from Seymour Duncan® to DiMarzio®, Throwback® and others, it’s your call.

Our guitars come with bone nuts and period correct tuners and bridges for the most authentic vintage tone money can buy. 

You get the best, no complicated and costly upgrades required!!!

Straight out of Historic Route 66…

So it has been said that the only affordable guitars are imports. It’s been said that to make it affordable, companies should rely on CNC machines and robots… Quality control? A thing of the past!

We don’t believe in any of that! At Standard Guitars we craft every single instrument by hand, one by one, paying the upmost attention to detail… and we do so right here at the heart of Route 66 in the U.S.A.

We truly love the craft, it’s about making a difference in the life of other guitar enthusiasts, we consider that a privilege.

Every guitar is carefully created in true American tradition! From our top of the line models to our “Student” instruments, they all share the same level of craftsmanship, attention to detail and passion that identifies a Standard Guitar or Amplifier.

Don’t settle for an import, you can get the real deal at an affordable price!


vintage guitars made in USA

Custom made by hand in the U.S. down by Route 66 with no CNC machines or robots!

Vintage Guitars Affordable Tele Strat Old Pickups Tuners Axe Axes Instruments Custom Handmade Cheap Made in USA 

Get the Look you Want, Truly Custom…

Nitrocellulose finishes in a variety of solid and translucent tones, with custom relic’ing.

And it just gets better… No more settling for a couple choices in finishes, whatever they have in stock or whatever the manufacturer decides works better for marketing and their bottom line! With us, you can get the color you want, period. 

What we offer is a wide spectrum of colors, including solid and translucent tones, historic reissues and unique hues you simply can’t get anywhere else!

On top of that, you can add relic’ing touches to your dream guitar and get it delivered right to your door! You don’t have to have a heart attack taking a sander to that brand new guitar, just select your relic level and you’re done! Simple, really!

By the way, our finishes are 100% nitrocellulose lacquer based! There’s no tone-killing polyurethane here! Your guitar will check, age gracefully and yellow, just like an authentic vintage guitar should!

nitrocellulose finishes vintage

If you’re like most guitar players and enthusiasts, you know all too well the frustrations, pains and disappointments that hide in the otherwise “glamorous” guitar world… Lots of hype, myths and disinformation.

Quality and true craftsmanship doesn’t have to be expensive. Likewise, affordable guitars don’t have to be poorly made or manufactured by the cheapest labor available. It’s time to bring back the  “Standard” to the “vintage guitar” and the only way to do so is to revert to old school craftsmanship while pumping some pride, passion and enthusiasm into the whole thing!

That’s what we’re about, that’s what we live for! Guitars and amplifiers made with care and passion, by guitarists for guitarists, without the false promises, the tricks and the shortcuts that plague us in the modern world.

If you want the real thing, you will find it here, look no further.

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